Our Social Classes are tailored towards your organization/group, family, and your specific goals.  We custom develop our classes to include any of the following topics and many more!

  • Confidence versus conceit
  • Posture: health, appearance, confidence
  • Poise: correct stance, sitting gracefully, body language
  • Introductions: handshake, eye contact, greetings
  • Conversation: gossiping, asking questions, getting to know you
  • Accepting an award: eye contact, handshake
  • Telephone and electronic etiquette: messages, cell phones, texting
  • Social Media
  • Invitations, R.S.V.P., thank you notes
  • Theater, church, venues and events: applauding, manners
  • Dining: formal and informal
  • Parties: punch cups, eating from a buffet, receptions
  • Grooming