Our Business Classes are tailored towards your industry, size of company, and your specific goals.  We custom develop our classes to include any of the following topics and many more!

  • Dining etiquette
  • Remembering names, name tags
  • Handshake, eyes, smile
  • Language-being a good listener, being aware of time, nothing malicious or derogatory, speech quality
  • Body language/conversations
  • Business cards and when to pass them out
  • Electronics, phones, computers
  • Social Media
  • Correspondence, thank you notes, emails, texting
  • Host or guest duties at business meetings
  • If you are the “new kid on the block”
  • Socializing, networking, invitations
  • Receiving lines
  • Introductions
  • Business meals-seating arrangement and ordering
  • Tipping
  • Business travel-taxis, hotels, restaurants, who pays?
  • Grooming