Manners for Girls and Boys (6-12)

Our classes for children are tailored for any age, circumstance, and the specific goals of parents, schools, or organizations!  We cater to your needs including any of the following topics and many more!

  • Character development
  • Confidence versus conceit
  • Posture: health, appearance, confidence
  • Poise: correct stance, sitting gracefully, body language
  • Introductions: handshake, eye contact, greetings
  • Conversation: gossiping, asking questions, getting to know you
  • Accepting an award: eye contact, handshake
  • Telephone and electronic etiquette: messages, cell phones, texting
  • Social Media
  • Invitations, R.S.V.P., thank you notes
  • Theater, church, venues and events: applauding, manners
  • Dining: formal and informal
  • Parties: punch cups, eating from a buffet, receptions
  • Grooming
  • Being a good friend, making friendships